High resolution machinima movies showing animation sequences produced for Second Life

Female AO II trailer

A short promo movie showing a selection of the animations inside the Animazoo Female AO II, released in Second Life October 2010.
Music "Translate" by Artner: myspace link

Show Boy dances trailer

Promo movie for the 'Show Boy' dances. Filmed in SL using an all black avi on a white background. Edge detection filtering in Nero Vision provied the final effects. Music by DJ Instinct.

Belly dances trailer

High resolution version of the belly dances promotional movie.
Music by Jovejunkie and Ting.
Dances by Galit Mersand.

Hip Hop dances trailer

High resolution version of the hip hop dances promotional movie.
Dances by Claire.

Time-lapse photography

I spent a morning experimenting with time-lapse photography in SL. This movie is the result.